Proposition Compliance: Why Centralised Research is a waste of your time

Sian Davies Cole, Plan Works

Tuesday, 7th May 12:30 – 13:30 pm

Sian Davies Cole

Why Centralised Research is a Waste of Your Time!

The demands of completing Centralised Research—encompassing tasks like creating or reviewing a Centralised Investment Proposition and Platform / Provider Due Diligence - can impose a significant burden on Financial Planners.

While these components are essential for maintaining a compliant and effective practice, dedicating your time to these tasks takes you away from what you are best at. This webinar explores how to do these tasks efficiently and also why Financial Planners should reconsider reinvesting the time they spend doing them.

Further Topics Include!


Understanding Your Business's Value

It is essential you understand the current value of your business, and the gap to your target sale value.  Beyond that, you will gain an understanding of other factors that influence the value of your business so that you can identify strategies to increase the attractiveness of your business ahead of sale.


Preparing Your Management Information

Your management information plays two key roles in the sale process – the marketing and positioning stage needs to attract interest, and it is fundamental to an effective due diligence process.  Understand the requirements of MI in advance so that you can detect and close information gaps, allowing you to sail through your transaction.


Identifying and Mitigating Risks

Potential buyers are always cautious about hidden risks associated with a business, particularly in highly regulated industries such as financial services.  Louise will share with you an overview of the key areas a potential buyer will examine, giving you the opportunity to remediate any potential issues before starting the process of a business sale.

Learning outcomes


Understanding the Importance of Regime

Participants will grasp the significance of delegating specialised tasks like centralised research to experts, freeing up time for financial planners to focus on client-centric activities.


Creating Efficiency

Attendees will learn practical strategies for streamlining their practice by completing research into products and solutions a set times rather than when needed.


Risk Mitigation and Compliance

By understanding the risks associated with inadequate centralised research and the implications for compliance, participants will be equipped to safeguard their practice.


Established Knowledge

By the end of this webinar, Financial Planners will have a clearer understanding of what is involved in Centralised Research and why it should not be consuming their valuable time.

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Sian Davies Cole

Co Owner - Co Director, Plan Works

Sian joined outsourced Paraplanning business, Plan Works, in 2020 and is a co-owner, co-director and a fundamental part of their paraplanning team. She has been in the profession since 2006, achieving the level 4 and level 6 diplomas with the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) and more recently achieved Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification.
She believes that paraplanning works best as a collaboration between Financial Planner and Paraplanner and having a strong awareness of the skills and personalities involved in both roles is key. This along with a quality mix of experience and qualifications, she feels, is necessary to provide the support Financial Planners want and need.
Sian is the co-founder of The Paraplanner Club, a free to access mentoring programme for anyone who wants to be an awesome Paraplanner. She continues to offer free mentoring through this programme.
She is passionate about the client always being central to the advice and keeping them in focus to ensure the advice is in their best interests, easy for them to understand and aligned with their personal and financial goals is the key to good financial planning.
Sian Davies Cole

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Tuesday, 7th May 12:30 am – 13:30 pm

Why Centralised Research is a Waste of Your Time!

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