Navigating The Retirement Timeline and The impact of Guarantees

Martin Lines, Just

Thursday, 25th July 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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Navigating the retirement timeline and the impact of guarantees

This webinar will discuss the challenges and opportunities of retirement planning in the current economic environment. We’ll explore how adding a guaranteed income to a retirement portfolio can help retirees achieve their income and legacy goals.
During the session, we’ll use Timeline to demonstrate scenarios that show the potential impact on sustainability and how to generate a steady and reliable income stream that lasts for life.

Further Topics Include!


Understanding Your Business's Value

It is essential you understand the current value of your business, and the gap to your target sale value.  Beyond that, you will gain an understanding of other factors that influence the value of your business so that you can identify strategies to increase the attractiveness of your business ahead of sale.


Preparing Your Management Information

Your management information plays two key roles in the sale process – the marketing and positioning stage needs to attract interest, and it is fundamental to an effective due diligence process.  Understand the requirements of MI in advance so that you can detect and close information gaps, allowing you to sail through your transaction.


Identifying and Mitigating Risks

Potential buyers are always cautious about hidden risks associated with a business, particularly in highly regulated industries such as financial services.  Louise will share with you an overview of the key areas a potential buyer will examine, giving you the opportunity to remediate any potential issues before starting the process of a business sale.

Learning outcomes


Recognise the importance of having a guaranteed income source in retirement, especially in the face of market volatility.


Show how adding a guarantee can increase the income sustainability for clients in retirement.


Demonstrate how guaranteed income can enhance the legacy benefits of a drawdown portfolio.

Martin Lines

Development and Events Director, Just

Martin heads up Just’s team of Retirement and Later Life Specialists, supporting adviser training events and conferences across the UK – and online!

He joined Partnership in 2009, ahead of the creation of Just, having worked alongside local and national adviser firms on pensions and retirement-related issues. He is a regular speaker at financial services events with subjects ranging from the technical issues to consumer vulnerability and behavioural bias.
martin just Hs

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Thursday, 25th July 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Navigating the retirement timeline and the impact of guarantees

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