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Going Solo: Creating A Profitable Solo Practice On Your Terms RECAP

Kate Phillip interviews successful solo practitioners, Warren Shute and Paul Cleworth, on building a profitable solo advice practice.

The session focused on client servicing, systems and tech, as well as identifying and generating the right clients for you!

The session provided helpful actionable tips on the critical steps to building a successful firm, catering to those who've just branched out on their own and those looking to build and grow as solo advisers.


Kate Phillips - Regional Director in Sales, Timeline

Kate the Regional Director in Sales at Timeline. She is APMP qualified Registered CII, CF1 & CISI. Prior to joining Timeline, Kate was a Senior Bid professional with over 12 years in the financial services sector. Kate is experienced in the Corporate Pensions and Investment markets, leading the bid process on highly complex, large-scale corporate pension tenders. 

Kate works with financial planners to help them build compelling, innovative and dynamic planning and investment solutions. Kate’s mission is to get consumers and financial advisers to think differently about the way people maximise their investments to ensure the money outlives the people.

Paul Cleworth - Managing Director, Tandem Financial

Independent Financial Planner with more than 20 years of experience. Specialist in Retirement Planning, Wealth Management, and Investment Services.

Paul works with successful families, business owners, retirees, and those approaching retirement, he aims to help his clients make smart choices with their money. His key goal is to take away the complexity of finance by offering clear strategies and solutions that bring order and clarity to clients' finances and peace of mind through service excellence.

Warren Shute - Multi-award-winning Certified  Financial Planner, author of  The Money Plan

Warren is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Financial Planners, boasting over two decades of experience in assisting affluent families with their financial planning needs. Throughout his extensive career, he has noticed a gap in accessibility for those who feel uneasy about approaching a Financial Planner. This hesitation may stem from a perception of inadequate earnings, insufficient assets, or a general aversion to the term 'Wealth Manager.'

With a wealth of experience spanning more than 20 years, Warren thrives on number-crunching, crafting financial plans, and adeptly resolving financial challenges. Beyond his numerical expertise, he harbors a keen interest in psychology and human behavior. Early in his career, Warren observed varying degrees of success among individuals who either embraced or resisted his guidance.

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