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EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) Stories and Experience - RECAP

Brandon Harris a long-time Certified EOS Implementer will share stories of real-life clients and the effect of running on EOS can deliver.

Brandon Harris, a seasoned Certified EOS Implementer unveils captivating tales of real-life clients and the transformative power that embracing EOS can unleash.



Brandon Harris - Certified EOS Implementer

Coming from an entrepreneurial upbringing, Brandon started a Giant Cookie manufacturing business at 25. His unique, healthier product led to rapid growth. He was unprepared, having to handle everything, including redesigning some food machinery during his tumultuous three-year journey, before catching the eye of a much larger food producer who appreciated his approach, brand, and sales of well over 1 million cookies.

Afterwards, he ventured into diverse industries to build his experience, but the desire to pursue his own endeavours remained strong.

Encountering EOS six years ago proved to be what he had been waiting for. Implementing it in his business helped the leadership team become so accountable that he was no longer needed.

This prompted his decision to pursue a new passion: transitioning from coaching people in fitness to coaching people in business. Successfully selling the clubs in 2019, this journey brings Brandon to the excitement of being here today.

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